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Why a Cure Matters

No person should live in fear that what they eat could cause them irreversible brain damage or have to manage complex diet & medication regiments that bring their own series of side effects.


PKU beyond being rare is also complex to treat in order to keep it under control and not negatively impact one’s life. Until a cure is found, Phenylketonuria requires lifelong treatment and monitoring to prevent symptoms and complications.

Relentless Pursuit of a Cure

Inconvenient painful blood draws, bland tasting daily formula, very limited food choice & constant anxiety of impacting your long-term brain health along with the many other complications that come with PKU drives our foundation towards a relentless pursuit of a cure as our top priority. While we are grateful that good treat options exist, we’re not satisfied or accept this is as the best it can be for our PKU community. 


We believe with advances in science & technology, that multiple pathways to better treatment and ultimately a cure are out there yet to be discovered. With PKU being a rare disease the funding & dedication to discovering new & better ways needs greater attention to achieve these discoveries at the same rate as more prevalent diseases. 


Every dollar counts to fund great research projects, exploring novel applications of technology & achieving proper support of clinical trials that push our PKU community to the next frontier of treatment. Please find the latest focus of our donations here & join us in fighting Phe one gram at a time by donating today.

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