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Could a home Phe monitoring device be on the horizon?

The gold standard for monitoring and treating someone affected with PKU is frequent and routine Phenylalanine checks. These are through at home heel, toe, or finger pokes with blood spots added to a special filter paper. This is then mailed or dropped at their nearest clinic and results can take up to 1-2 weeks. An at home phe monitoring device would be a game changer for our community. Instant results = instant changes. The PKU'er could make changes to their diet or formula and improve their overall health and mood with consistent phe levels.

Aptatek biosciences is revolutionizing disease management through the first ever, portable, home phe monitoring device. With a large donation and support from the National PKU Alliance (NPKUA), Aptatek is on the brink of bringing these devices to the forefront and homes of the PKU and rare disease communities.

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